Vectors Maths Worksheets

Our vectors worksheets are designed for all middle or high school students and cover everything your pupil or child needs to learn about this topic. We have challenging vectors worksheets that cover various topics, from column and position vectors, to vector geometry (Word Problems) and worksheets to find the magnitude of a vector. We have a range of printable worksheets that will challenge your students of all abilities. All vectors worksheets are supplied with answers so you can check how well your students are doing. Our worksheets are all differentiated and make the topic entertaining and enjoyable.


Our vectors worksheets are available for download and print, and can be used in the classroom or to support children’s learning at home.

Cazoom Maths provides math resources that cover all aspects in the middle school or high school curriculum. Our worksheets present all the information in an understandable format and provide the students plenty of opportunities to apply their knowledge. By using our vectors worksheets your students will be more confident when it comes to the topic of vectors.


Everything that has a magnitude as well as direction is a vector. The easiest way to represent a vector is to draw an arrow. The length of the arrow represents the magnitude of the vector and the head represents the direction.