Percentages Worksheets With Answers

Knowing how to calculate percentages is an integral part of mathematics and is a skill used regularly in later life, so your student must understand how to work out percentage calculations. At Cazoom Math we have a plethora of math percentage worksheets at your disposal, so whether you need a percentage of amounts worksheet or a percentage increase and decrease worksheet we have you covered.

Math Percentages Worksheets For Kids

We have no doubt that you will find percentage worksheets a real help when teaching your child or pupil to work out basic and more advanced percentage calculations. In fact, there’s a high percentage that with a Cazoom Math worksheet your student will ace their way through percentages.

The Importance of Percentages in Everyday Life

All areas of math shape our everyday lives in some way or another, but none perhaps more so than percentages.

Mastering percentages at school helps students understand many aspects of how the world works, and prepares them for adult life. When applying for a credit card or loan, you make repayments with a percentage interest rate. When saving money, the bank will pay you interest at a percentage rate. When shopping, prices are reduced by a certain percentage of the cost. These are just some of the examples where percentages are used in daily life, but there are so many more instances where it is beneficial to have a good knowledge of percentages.

Real-Life Examples Aid Students’ Understanding of Percentages

Math percentage worksheets are a great tool for helping children master the essential skills needed to progress through their math education, as well as being beneficial to their understanding of the world.

Using quality worksheets on percentages either in the classroom or at home can help students grasp this essential element of math. Worksheets using real-life examples have the added benefit of teaching children about the applications of percentages in everyday life and helping them to understand just how important percentages are and how easy it is to solve word problems.


What is a percentage?

A percentage is a number or ratio representing a fraction of 100, and it is denoted by the symbol %.

How to calculate the percentage of a number?

Calculating the percentage of a number can be very easy. The number that you need to convert into percentage can be given to you in two ways, fraction and decimal.

1. Percentages and decimals

The decimal format is easier to calculate. Converting a decimal is simple as all you need to do is multiply it with 100. Example: To covert 0.77 to a percent, simply multiply 0.77 by 100, to get a result of 77%

2. Percentages and fractions

If you are given a fraction, first you need to divide the top number with the bottom number and then multiply it with a 100 to get the percentage.