Printable PDF Trigonometry Worksheets

We have created a series of Math worksheets to help High School students understand the relationships within triangles. We begin with worksheets with the properties of sine, cosine, and tangent measurements and then move to trigonometric word problems (both with and without pictures). Cazoom also has created graphing worksheets with ways for your child to interact with transformations of common trigonometric graphs. Our dynamic set of worksheets with varying levels are sure to build your child’s knowledge of trigonometry excitingly.


Printable PDF Trigonometry Worksheets with Answers

At Cazoom Math, we create a variety of Math trigonometric worksheets that will be sure to meet the needs of your High School child. We have also provided answer keys to all our worksheets, so your child can build confidence in working within triangle concepts. These resources are a way to bring understanding and excitement, while also challenge your child to think beyond their basic understanding of triangles.

Trigonometry in the Real World

Trigonometry is such an important skill to have for the real world. 

First, many occupations use trigonometry in their daily work, such as medical professionals, aviators, and astronomers. Aside from this, trigonometry can instill problem-solving skills that help students in future careers be able to work well with others. It also builds critical thinking skills that prepare students for making decisions. So, while it may seem trivial to find missing side lengths and missing angles, the skills that are being built through trigonometry are invaluable.

Essential Knowledge for Future Scientists

Solid knowledge of trigonometry is essential for any student who aspires to work in a scientific discipline.

Students will need to master trigonometry at the GCSE level in order to study A-Level maths and sciences, subjects which they will need to secure a university place for engineering, medicine, and the sciences. Although many computer applications perform trigonometric calculations automatically, all the staff working in these industries will have an excellent knowledge of trigonometry and use it regularly.

Nurture Students’ Transferable Skills

Even if students do not wish to pursue a career in these technical and scientific fields, practicing trigonometry questions helps them develop transferable skills valued by all employers.

Using Trigonometry improves students’ problem-solving abilities and promotes critical thinking, skills that will prove useful throughout their studies and into adult life. Providing students with trigonometry worksheets helps to nurture these skills, allowing them to be successful not just at their maths exams but right the way through their career.

Many people find trigonometry to be difficult math subject to master, wondering what you mean by trigonometry. Although trigonometry can present a challenge, our worksheets are designed to help you overcome the obstacles that prevent you from excelling at trigonometry. If trigonometry is giving you a difficult time, we are here to help.

When it comes to the subject of trigonometry, many people find themselves ill-equipped to perform the steps. Knowing the steps is essential for mastering this type of math and moving on with your studies.

There are some major steps you will need to perform to solve trigonometry problems. Here’s how you do trigonometry step by step:

  1. Learn how to define the parts of a triangle. The parts include the following.
    • Hypotenuse is the longest side of a right triangle.
    • Obtuse is any angle that is over 90 degrees.
    • Acute is an angle that is less than 90 degrees.
  2. Learn how to make a unit circle. You will need to know the following:
  3. 6 Basic Trigonometry Functions (Check out our worksheet with the six trigonometric functions answer key).
    • Sine = Sin
    • Cosine = Cos
    • Tangent = Tan
    • Secant = Sec
    • Cosecant = CSC
    • Cotangent = Cot

The above are the 6 basic trigonometric functions. Familiarize yourself with these functions to fully grasp the subject of trigonometry.

  1. Create a diagram if one is not provided in the problem.
  2. Find the right angles of the triangle.
  3. Choose a tool that will lead you to the answer.
  4. Use algebra steps to solve the problem.
  5. Check the answer for reasonableness.

As Clyde Tombaugh, renowned astronomist once said, “Can you imagine young people nowadays making a study of trigonometry for the fun of it? Well, I did.” (1) (2)

Once you get into a deeper level of understanding, you may find you enjoy trigonometry. Our trigonometry worksheets for high school will help you hone your skills, so the subject will not be so stressful.

Our worksheets help you start at a beginner level and work yourself up until you feel fully confident. Trig, as so many call it, is a complex math subject matter, but it can be mastered with a daily trig worksheet and lots of practice.

  1. Cazoom Maths is committed to helping you with our trigonometric ratios worksheet and tons of other worksheets on the subject of trigonometry. As with any math subject, practice makes perfect.

    We recommend you carefully read your math textbook and take notes during class. Use our helpful trigonometry worksheets grade 11 to get ahead of the class and fully learn to embrace the subject of trig and all it entails.

    You can search our worksheets for specific trigonometry topics whenever you like. Explore the trigonometry worksheets in detail and come back each day to practice as much as you need to so you can feel comfortable performing all the steps involved in trigonometry problems.

    Trigonometry problems are not easy, but memorizing the functions and steps will help you to break down each problem and successfully solve them. Our worksheets are designed to teach you these skills in their simplest of terms so you are able to master the subject and feel confident in class and on your trigonometry tests.


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