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Absolutely. All our memberships come with a 7 Day no obligation Free Trial. You can start your free trial here.

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Yes please! Every effort is made to keep our Cazoom sheets as accurate as possible, and your support is very welcome. You can contact us over at

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You need to have a school licence in order to save the Cazoom sheets to your school computer.


Absolutely! Please ensure that your school include your username when they complete the order form. Your next upgrade will be free.


Our system automatically disallows users from logging into the site from too many locations. This system prevents users from unfairly sharing their account details. If you are sharing your account details at school it may be because you really love cazoom! Which is great, but your school will have to purchase a school license. If you have experienced this error message email us, we can typically get you logged in again within an hour if our records indicate fair usage.

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