Histograms and Frequency Polygon Worksheets in PDF

When it comes to studying data, a common graph your child will come across in the middle school years will be a histogram. A histogram is similar to a bar graph, but instead of graphing one value, you will graph ranges of data. At Cazoom, we have created a variety of Math worksheets that will not only help students to be able to interpret a histogram, but also be able to create a histogram. We also have Math worksheets for frequency polygons. Starting with a frequency table that has ranges of data, points are graphed of the midpoint of the range of data, to the frequency count. Each of these points are marked on a graph with an X, and then are connected to form a frequency polygon.

Printable PDF Histograms and Frequency Polygon Worksheet with Answers.

We have created Math worksheets to help your child understand histograms and frequency polygons. When working with data, these can be 2 of the more difficult graphical representations to understand. At Cazoom, we recognize this and that is why we created Math worksheets that would help support your child in this area, along with answer keys to be able to make sure they are understanding the content.

Histograms and Frequency Polygons in the Real World

Both histograms and frequency polygons are data representations dealing with ranges of values.

Although they represent these ranges in different forms, they can help us be able to get a picture of what is happening over a range of data. Many companies can use these graphs to be able to have a visual representation of their company’s significant data points. Cazoom is helping to prepare your child to be confident in histograms and frequency polygons through these Math worksheets that when they come across them in the future, they feel prepared.